Ford Transit and Transit Connect together on the worksite

Cargo Van Accessories for Ford Transit and Transit Connect

Ford vehicles like the Transit and Transit Connect are available with a wide range of cargo van accessories, including:

  • Trailer Hitching Kits
  • Cross Bars
  • Cargo Organizers
  • Tablet Cradle by Lumen
  • Vehicle Safe by Console Vault
  • Cargo Area Protector

Read on to find out how they work to improve your drive and optimize practicality.

Work Van Accessories for Your Ford Cargo Van

  • Trailer Hitching Kits: Ford cargo vans might be more famous for taking plenty of cargo inside than for towing, but they can still haul heavily laden trailers when properly equipped.
  • Cross Bars: Whether you need to carry more than you have space for inside or simply want to keep some items away from your tidy cargo area, use these van racking accessories. Cross bars attach to the roof with bolts going deep into the sheet metal, perfect for mounting select carriers.
  • Cargo Organizers: Ford cargo vans come with a range of van shelving options, but there’s always better ways to keep everything organized. A wide range of flexible cargo organizers helps keep everything in its proper place.
  • Tablet Cradle by Lumen: Whether you need to check directions from Elk River to Rogers during rush hour or check your inventory before heading to Anoka, having your tablet mounted in the cabin is ideal for the type of on-the-go businesses that rely on Ford vans.
  • Vehicle Safe by Console Vault: Your cargo van will probably contain sensitive data or valuable items, so the peace of mind that comes with a console vault will be deeply appreciated. They’re constructed from 12-gauge cold-rolled plate steel, with a strong 3-point locking system to resist prying and a 4-digit lock with 10,000 possible combinations.
  • Cargo Area Protector: This stain-resistant polyethylene tray is specifically shaped to the contours of your vehicle to prevent damage to the floor. There’s even a raised lip to help contain spills.

Find Your Ford Work Van Accessories from Cornerstone Ford

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Versatility is a Ford cargo van calling card, and it is accessories such as these that make them so flexible. If you are looking to buy, check out our financing options.